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Explore Brenna and Katiel's Home - The Continent of Kerafin


Bar  Kur

Bar Kur is a large, land-locked country on the Continent of Kerafin. Ruled by a long line of kings named Stefan, the country has a strong sense of nationalism, plus a thriving army and rice industry, but relies on its neighbors' ports for access overseas.


The national motto, "Long shall she reign," refers to the fertile land reigning supreme on the Continent, but takes on a new meaning when the throne goes to the first queen in a millenia.


A'slenderia is a mountainous country known for its technology and forward-thinking culture. The first nation in the world to rule with elected leaders in Parliament, A'slenderia has long been ahead of its time in citizens' rights. However, the difficult-to-traverse mountain terrain provides opportunity for old tradition and folklore to live on, particularly in the historical language of Aslan, still spoken in many homes in the mountain regions. 


The national motto, "Einer für alle, alle für einen," pays homage to the Aslan language and the communal culture with its message - translated as "One for all, all for one," in the Continental language of Endran.


Tibedo is a temperate country with a rocky coastline and gorgeous beaches. The beach lifestyle is reflected in much of the peaceful, accepting culture, and spiritual practices of prayer and meditation are common.


Tibedo won the most land of former Drezchy in the resolution to the Ten Years' War, but lost out on the decsion to ban wielding the ore. As such, Tibedo contributes more individuals to the Keeper movement than any other nation.

New Drezchy

After the nation of Drezchy lost the Ten Years' War, the Drezchy people lost their land and were banished to the penal colony across the sea - forming the country of New Drezchy. Operating outside the law of the Kerafin Pact, New Drezchy allows many ancient practices, including openly wielding the ore and the gruesome sacrificial rituals of the Blood Raven and the Conclave. In a culture where brute strength is valued above knowledge and advancement, the national motto, "The axe speaks the loudest," exemplifies the prevailing wisdom.

Frozen Wastes

In the northernmost reaches of the Continent of Kerafin lies the Frozen Wastes, an unincorporated and inhospitable tundra beyond the Northern Mountains of Bar Kur and A'slenderia. While few dare to travel there - and even fewer make it back alive - at the farthest reach is the legendary Icemark Glacier, long said to be the crux of all civilization.

abstract fantasy background magical pixie dust bronze color palette.jpg

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