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Ink and Ore

 A lie that led to War—and two girls Who know the Truth


Lifelong friends Brenna Malley and Katiel Salzbruck are looking forward to a summer visit, but their plans are ruined when war breaks out between their rival homelands, Bar Kur and A’slenderia. Then, they find a shocking message hidden on the back of a letter, claiming the war started because of a treasonous plot. Determined to end the war before their loved ones die in battle, Brenna and Katiel leave their small-town lives behind and embark on a quest for the truth.


Following a trail of letters, Brenna and Katiel learn about the involvement of the ore—a legendary magical substance that can transform into anything. To restore peace to the Continent of Kerafin, they must harness the magic, navigate questionable allies, and survive harrowing ordeals. But as love, secrets, and betrayal complicate the journey, the friends must determine where their true loyalties lie—before it’s too late.


Perfect for fans of Shadow and Bone and Divine RivalsInk and Ore is the first installment in The Kerafin Chronicles, a character-driven, young adult gaslamp fantasy trilogy.

Available Now

Ink and Ore available in E-book, Paperback, and on Kindle Unlimited


Praise for Ink and Ore

This book gave me a book hangover. This is a STUNNING read I lost some sleep on. Just couldn't put it down. Beautifully written. Such a unique magic system, great dialogue, and a journey you'll never forget!


Incredible! The fantasy world is so well fleshed out, the characters are full of amazing personalities, and the plot of this story had me finishing it in less than a day - and nearly sobbing at the end.


The "teenagers saving the world" trope is one I don't deal well with, but the author finally turned it upside down. It was beautiful and heartbreaking, and unexpectedly bitter in its irony, a masterful touch I had not expected. One of the best books I read this year!


abstract fantasy background magical pixie dust bronze color palette.jpg

Hayley Whiteley

Welcome to the official website of Hayley Whiteley, author of the young adult fantasy series The Kerafin Chronicles. Here you'll find the latest news, ways to connect, and bonus content. Happy Reading!

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