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Meet the Characters of the Kerafin Chronicles

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Brenna Malley

Brenna is happy with her simple life in Bar Kur and loves the people around her deeply, especially her brother Henred and her dearest friend Katiel. Nothing could make her want to change her circumstances—except for Henred heading off to the front lines.

Katiel Salzbruck

Katiel may not know much about the world, but she knows that she wants to see more of it than her dull A'slenderian farm life will allow. When she finally gets her chance, she discovers that the world her father was protecting her from was much more than she bargained for.

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Dakier Mandia

Dakier escaped a rough life in when he went to work for Katiel’s family at a young age. A deeply religious person, Dakier is determined to protect Katiel at her father’s request, but being drafted into the Tibedese army may put a thorn in his plans.

Anton Dvorsky

If Anton had to pick three words to describe himself, he would select, “Wealthy, handsome, genius.” To the irritation of everyone who knows him, he wouldn’t be wrong. One can learn many things from spending time with knowledgeable Anton, if one can tolerate his ego—and his secrecy.

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Hayley Whiteley

Welcome to the official website of Hayley Whiteley, author of the young adult fantasy series The Kerafin Chronicles. Here you'll find the latest news, ways to connect, and bonus content. Happy Reading!

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